Every day in Magazines, Social Media, Television or Internet we come across photos of people with good looks carrying a charming personality, be it a men or women. Most of the current mobile phones come with camera that has filters to add smooth skin and glow to the photo. Saying all these, it is very easy to understand that health of Hair and Skin are most essential part of your look that adds character to your visible personality.

As per Ayurveda Dull, Patchy skin or rough hair are the result of any of the below.

  • Your Genes and Family History
  • Your Nerves, Emotions and your immune system imbalance
  • Pollution, Water and Toxins in Food
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Usage of products carrying high percentage of harsh chemicals

We at Slim and Smile Ayu Care provide you solution to improve quality of your Hair or Skin by products that are easy on your hair or skin along with treatment (medicines) to cure the side effects by any of the above reasons.

Hair Care

Every day we see new tips, tricks and product names to get best results for hair but remember only Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil or Spa Treatment never helps in improving Hair Health.

Above products just cleanses and somewhat nourishes your hair but don't really treat the actual problem that causes bad hair. Each of our hair treatment packages are carried out with careful and deep analysis of your hair and scalp skin, with this analysis we find out the reason of your hair problem and then decide the proper treatment and products for your hair to give you best results.

Treatments we provide:
  • Treatments for Hair Fall, Split Ends, Hair Greying or White Hair, Rough Hair, Itchiness, Dandruff using 100% Chemical free Ayurvedic Herbal Products / Medicines.
  • Special 3 Months Hair Re-Growth Treatment (Everyone we treated with this special treatment has got desired results)
  • 10 Days special Shirodhara Treatment Package.

Skin Care

As discussed in the beginning, skin health of any individual is result of their life style, genes and weather conditions of the place where they belong to. Thus everyone has their unique skin problems. Irrespective of the skin colour; healthy skin is always glowing, clear and smoother and that certainly cannot be achieved simply by costly salon treatments without knowing the root cause.

We know that two individual skin problems are not same, and that's why we check person's Skin Type, Genes, Personal History (by specially designed questionnaire). These help us to find out the right skin treatment for you.

We have successfully treated 19 Years chronic skin disease (Psoriasis) just in 3-4 months (Psoriasis is a stubborn skin disease).

You can contact us or book an appointment with us to get consultation for your hair or skin problems or improve their quality.

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